30 May, 2016

#SHUTUPDIABLO...an incredible ride with Jens Voigt!

I'll share a post shortly about the day but wanted to share these photos, and also remind everyone that you can still get your Rooster Racing Jeffrey Modell Edition jersey by clicking on the jersey on the right side of this page. You can also go directly to our web store by using this link ROOSTER RACING JMF EDITION JERSEY A portion of all jersey proceeds goes directly to the Jeffrey Modell Foundation 

#SHUTUPDIABLO a ride with Jens Voigt in support of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation

04 April, 2016

April is National PI Awareness Month and April 22-29 is World PI Awareness Week!

The Racing Roosters are gearing up for the 2016 Silver State 508 and we're kicking off the season with an opportunity FOR YOU to DO GOOD, RIDE HARD, LIVE WELL, and LOOK AWESOME wearing the new ROOSTER RACING JEFFREY MODELL FOUNDATION EDITION jersey!

In support of National Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) Awareness Month and World PI Awareness week we are making available these awesome jerseys with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Jeffrey Modell Foundation. These jerseys are available in Mens and Womens sizes and can be purchased directly at the Rooster Racing web store using the following link https://roosterracing.wazala.com

If you've followed my blog in the past, you know that the ONETOUGHRIDE project has shared a relationship with the Jeffrey Modell Foundation since it's inception back in 2010. In 2015 I joined Rooster Racing International, Incorporated and have promoted the ONETOUGHRIDE project as a part of the organizations larger platform.

I hope you will consider purchasing one of these jerseys to support a great cause and also help us raise awareness to support for approximately 250,000 people that have been diagnosed in the US alone, and the "thousands more" that have yet to be diagnosed. You can also help by signing the Global PI Call to Action, which asks around the world to take steps to understand, diagnose, and manage PI Diseases in their respective countries - sign the petition at http://www.worldpiweek.org/get-involved/sign-petition

Thank you in advance for your support!


15 September, 2015

We'll dig deep this weekend, will you be a part of the team?

2013 Furnace Creek 508
Thanks to everyone that has responded to the call for action in the email campaign that I launched this past weekend. The 508 is a significant endeavor to train for that requires both physical and mental training. And unlike the epic Grand Tours such as the Tour de France, the "team" is on the podium at the finish and each racer on the team is recognized equally.  While the team may have varying levels of skill, all members of the team motivate and drive the best that each has to give that day or night on the 8 Stages of this 510.4 mile non-stop race.

2012 Furnace Creek 508
Just as I consider my wife and children as team mates supporting and motivating me from afar during this and past four 508 races, I like to think that everyone that has donated to the ONETOUGHRIDE project over the past 5 years has been right alongside my family and I in being a part of the team that the Jeffrey Modell Foundation and amazing doctors and scientist's like Dr. David Lewis are on. This team raises awareness and funds and leads research to find treatments, and one day a cure for Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases. They work incredibly hard and dedicate endless hours to the cause.

2011 Furnace Creek 508
My team of the Racing Roosters and I will dig deep this weekend and there's a lot that can happen over 510.4 miles of non-stop racing even when everything goes right. If you haven't clicked the Just Give link yet I am challenging YOU to dig deep and support the cause.

Just like it will take the support of the team to make it to the finish in Reno this weekend, it takes the support of a team to ensure amazing organizations like the Jeffrey Modell Foundation and incredible doctors and scientists like Dr. David Lewis are able to accomplish the goals that they strive for.
2010 Furnace Creek 508

The challenge is personal but the impact is global, WILL YOU dig deep?


09 September, 2015

I received a real boost of motivation this week!

With less that two weeks to go till the international squad of Rooster Racing (racing under the team/totem name of the Racing Roosters) arrives in Reno, NV for the start of Silver State 508, I received an email from Vicki and Fred Modell of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation. They have once again committed to matching all donations received from this fund raising effort and directing those to the local research efforts of Dr. David B. Lewis and his team at the Jeffrey Modell Research Center of Excellence at Stanford. Dr. Lewis is not only an incredible Physician and Scientist, but we also share a patient/doctor relationship with him.

Vicki and Fred founded the Jeffrey Modell Foundation to honor their son Jeffrey who unfortunately lost his battle with Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) disease at the age of 15. This incredible couple has supported the ONETOUGHRIDE project from the first conference call back we shared back in 2010 when I originally pitched the idea to them. While I may have been the one on the bike since we started this project in 2010, Vicki and Fred (and the rest of the team at the Jeffrey Modell Foundation) have always been right alongside my family and others in motivating me to complete the 18,051 miles and 1,320,961 feet of training and racing that I have done in the past five years!

With just two weeks to go, there is still a lot to do to prepare for the Racing Roosters participation in the Silver State 508. Unlike other ultra cycling races, the length of 508 coupled with the fact that it is a non-stop multi-day race means that the coordination and logistics become a challenge similar to that of the training required to compete in the race.

I am both honored and excited to be on an amazing team where I'll be racing for my son and all of the amazing children and adults around the world that live with and battle PI every day. I'll dig deep to complete my stages on this incredible 4-man team, and would like to raise a call to action by asking you to dig deep and donate to a cause that is VERY PERSONAL TO ME. I also encourage you to learn more about PI at info4pi.org

Thank you in advance for your support, and look for further updates prior to and during the race!


Note: Photo above is me on Stage 1 of the 2012 Furnace Creek 508