08 June, 2010

The first of the Double Double...and I am not talking about In-N-Out Burger

After another busy week I did manage to sneak in a couple of training rides on Friday evening and Saturday morning to wrap up the week with about 74 miles and just over 4,000 feet of climbing. I am happy to report that the onetoughride project is off to a great start as far as fund raising but I am hoping that we can really drive some donations over the next couple of weeks as I shoot to complete my 3rd Double Century of the season this weekend. On Saturday, I ride the Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge and will follow this up the next weekend (6/19) with the last of the CTC Stage Race Series, the Terrible Two! Thanks so much to all of you that have made a donation and to those who haven't yet, I wanted to remind everyone that all donations are being matched by the Jeffrey Modell Foundation!

Just to keep things interesting, "if" we can raise a total of $5,000 or more for the onetoughride project by the end of June I will add a "5th" Double Century to the schedule with the Mt Tam Double . If the registration is closed and I cannot get a ticket ,I'll commit to an alternate Double Century or a significant epic ride of 200 miles in one day (with an open invitation to anyone that would like to join me..Mike, Jason, Jim, Alan, and Dave I know you are all in). Go ahead and put another one on the calendar, I challenge you...

The profile on the top right (of this post) is the beast to tame for this Saturday. I also hope to catch up with my friends on the TNT Death Ride '10 Team that will be tackling the same climbs at Altitude Camp this weekend. Enjoy the weekend, ride safe, and look for a ride update on next weeks post.

Enjoy the ride...

PS: For full details on the onetoughride project, please check out the latest slide deck with all of the details!

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