28 June, 2011

OK, time to start some regular posts!

The onetoughride 2011 season is off to a roaring start with our first two corporate donation commitments in totaling $3,000! While the rides on this season's calendar are shorter, the difficulty is raised to a higher level with the first event that I completed being the same course as Stage 7 of the Tour of California. This event was amongst the most difficult that I have ever completed and I felt redeemed a couple of weeks later as I watched the pros of the peloton dig deep over the last 4 miles of the course that climbed 2,000ft "after" the 9,000ft that had already been completed.

Following the L'Etape du California it was the Tour de Starbucks where I would serve as team driver, captain, and domestique to one of the toughest guys I know in this world and that is my son Nicholas. I fulfilled my duties working for Nicholas and his best friend Spencer and they not only nailed the "Tall" course but also decided to throw in a few extra miles just for fun...and since we went a bit off course;) This was their second tour and another great success!

I am currently looking for a Death Ride ticket and will add that as a training event for the Furnace Creek 508. As I write this I have also just added the Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge to this seasons schedule and am looking for a couple of other challenges before the main event which will be the Furnace Creek 508 where I'll race on a 2-man team. This will be my second time competing in the 508 and I am looking forward to riding with a great team mate and top notch crew!

I have added the Donate Now button to the top of the blog page as that's what this project is all about and I would appreciate your support and ask that you share info about this blog with others who might be interested in supporting the cause or may themselves be living with Primary Immunodeficiency.

Last, please feel free to reach out and let me know if your company is interested in advertising opportunities that we'll make available around the Furnace Creek 508. Full details can be found in the pitch deck that was included in the last post or at http://www.slideshare.net/sbursley/one-tough-ride-2011-season We would also welcome support from companies that may be interested in offering products or services that could offset the expenses of our participation in the Furnace Creek 508 as "all donations" are going to the cause and expenses are being borne by the participants.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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