04 October, 2011

It's "almost" time to ride!

2010 Furnace Creek 508 Finish
I want to thank all of our friends and family and our corporate donors and sponsors that have supported the one tough ride 2011 project. We have now raised just over $4,200 and I am hoping that others will join the team and consider making a donation to the cause (just click the JustGive badge on the right side of this page) as Mike and I race this weekend as Team Wild Hare at the 2011 Furnace Creek 508. I also want to thank our AWESOME CREW Amy Bode and Peg Miller who will support Mike and I as we race this weekend!

The 2011 Furnace Creek 508 will also be unique in that the founding fathers of ultra cycling will not only be in attendance but also competing. Race Director Chris Kostman shares his story while taking you back to the beginning at http://www.the508.com/2011web/fullcircle.html

For those of you that want to track our progress, you can check this blog or find us on the one.tough.ride Facebook Fan Page. You'll be able to track our location in near real time using the link on the right side of the page as we'll carry the SPOT GPS Messenger throughout the race and post Time Station check-ins to this blog and on the FB Fan Page. If you know me you probably are aware that I am a gadget guy and as such will try to share our whereabouts and happenings throughout the weekend with USTREAM, SPOT, Twitter, and FB updates.

Last, thanks to my wife Paula, and my children Rachel and Nicholas for supporting me and all of your inspiration as I could not do this without you! I will provide a post-race post and share photos from the event when we are back but in the meantime, enjoy the race. Check out the AdventureCorps official Furnace Creek 508 webcast page at http://the508.com/2011web/index.html for updates and photos as well as live webcasts at the finish.
Racing for 10 Million!

Find us and watch us during the Furnace Creek 508 at:
Twitter: twitter.com/onetoughride
blog: onetoughride.blogspot.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/onetoughride/110681012284550
SPOT Page (live GPS tracking during the race): bitly.com/trackthehares
USTREAM: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/one-tough-ride-2011

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