30 July, 2012

Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge...10,800 feet of climbing and 100.5 miles!

Kenny giving the big NUMBER 1!
We're here to ride!
I'll keep this one short but it was a great to ride this past weekend with Team SA. What made this ride extra special was the opportunity to ride with my friend Ken Emerson as this was his first major ride following heart surgery just 9 weeks ago (yes, that's "9" weeks)! Ken was incredibly strong and by no means did the group need to slow the pace...although he did ride his geared bike this year as opposed to his preferred choice of a fixie.

I felt I rode strong this year beating last years time on the famed Jamison Creek Time Trial (by a couple of mins but the final results have not yet been posted) and kept a lower cadence from the start all the way up the 2.9 mile course that had an AVG Grade of 9.7%! My Garmin reported a whopping 23 PRs (Personal Records) over the multiple climbs that totaled 10,800 ft in 100.5 miles.
Bursley off the front leading the
breakaway up the first climb
under Police escort

This was a great ride...Steve, Ken, Virginia, and Lane, thanks for letting me hang with the competition for this event.

I proudly wore my Team WIld Hare jersey sporting the #10 that represents the 10 MILLION children and adults around the world that launch their attack on Primary Immunodeficiency diseases every day!

Just 67 days left till we battle it out in the desert at the Furnace Creek 508 with some of the fastest and strongest ultra cyclists from around the world with this year's roster including someone from the Pro Peloton who has raced in the Tour de France!

Enjoy the ride and NEVER FORGET THE CAUSE!

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