04 September, 2011

Just five weeks till the Furnace Creek 508!

2011 Furnace Creek 508 Team Race Jersey
With just five weeks till I'll be a the starting line of the Furnace Creek 508 (I'll be riding the odd stages 1, 3, 5, and 7 for a total of roughly 277 miles) I have been working on trying to get some longer training rides in. Since my last post, I have completed the Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge, numerous training rides, and also spent a fantastic week in Maui with my family where we enjoyed some down time exploring the island as a well as riding a Zip Line, enjoying the beach, attending a luau, swimming and watching some awesome sunsets! During that week I even managed to get a ride in attempting to summit Haleakala which rises from sea level to more than 10,000 ft. With an inversion layer at about 5,000 ft I climbed to an elevation of ~6,000 ft over 24 miles and then decided to turn around as I had forgotten to bring both a base layer and wind vest. I do plan on returning one day to summit and check this one off the list. At the end of the ride I had logged about 48 miles with an elevation gain of more than 7,000 ft.

My fund-raising for the one tough ride project will continue through the end of October and if you have not made a donation yet, we could really use your support. Please consider using the Donate Now button at the top right side of the page. Every dollar donated s actually doubled with the commitment from the Jeffrey Modell Foundation to match the total donations raised from this project.

Our race jersey designs have been completed and sent off to production (design above). This year I was fortunate to find a great company to work with here in Pleasanton (Jakroo) that does short run production (order min 1) for full custom designs. We'll also be making a version of the team jersey available for purchase with details to come.

I will provide more frequent posts as we get closer to the race and we are also trying to work with SPOT to allow one tough ride fans to be able to track the team with live web race location updates posted the web approximately every 10 minutes.
Enjoy the ride...

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  1. Hey, Steve. Thanks for stopping by the ZomBee blog! That countdown on your page sure is an eye-opener. I'm looking forward to October 8th. Say hello while we're both still conscious and coherent! ~Rob "ZomBee" James


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