16 September, 2011

Just three weeks till I'll line up at the starting line in Santa Clarita

Team T-Shirt (back)
Wow, as I start to write this post from 30,000 ft (yes I am in a plane) there's only 3 weeks till we'll line up at the starting line in Santa Clarita, CA for the Furnace Creek 508. This race is unlike any other ultra-cycling event in that there is so much planning and preparation that has to be done with vehicle preparation, race nutrition planning, crew, accommodations, night lighting (vehicle and bikes) race provisions, etc. That said, I am sure it will all come together and one again be an awesome journey for the team and for me even more meaningful for the cause I am racing for.

Right now we are at close to $4K and we'll fund-raise up to and right through the race but if you make a donation prior by Monday I'll also make sure that your name is recognized on the back of the team t-shirts (like those on the left side under the "Thank You") that we'll wear at race check-in and during the pre-race meeting. I know it's a tough economy but any donation helps and is appreciated as "all" donations will be matched by the Jeffrey Modell Foundation. Donations can me made electronically by clicking on the "Just Give" badge on the upper right hand side of the blog. If you prefer to send cash, check, or a money order, please send those directly to the address noted below.

"Racing for 10 Million" bracelet

Jeffrey Modell Foundation
780 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Attn: one tough ride project

All donors will also receive a one tough ride silicon bracelet with "Racing For 10 Million" on one side and our blog URL on the other. We will take the remainder of the bracelets that are not given to donors and pass these out during the race to raise awareness for the cause and also hopefully capture additional donations.

I have been traveling on business this week but plan on more training this weekend with a double assault on Mt Diablo and a training ride with Nicholas on the tandem which will definitely be the best ride of the week!
Enjoy the ride...

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